Sunday, April 8, 2012

About Annael

Who is Annael

Annael Samwel is the Software developer, Started to develop Software since 2006. The journey of software development started when join the high level education at IFM (Institute of Finanance Management). He joined in the class of Computer Science where started to learn programming languages.

Nowadays Annael is the one of good programmers in Tanzania. When you talk about a programmer with high thinking capacity to talk about Annael. "I like programming".

Where Annael Born

Annael born in a small village called solwa in Shinyanga district, Tanzania. His mother called Mary Samson and father called Samwel Lazaro. His mother and father din't mary each other because of some reasons. The father was the teacher of primary school at solwa primary school, but mother was the business woman, traveling from shinyanga to mwaza selling different products.

Annael born at 01 May 1982.  After his father failed to mary his mother because of some principles of Sukuma tribe, then his grand father Samson Ngamba Ngoyangi, decided to stay with Annael. His grand fahter is the one of family of Watemi (King) in Sukuma tribe. The Annael lived with his grand father untill 1996 when his grand father passed away.

Short Background of Annael

Annael Started primary school at solwa primary school 1991. He was the best pupil in his class, when he was in standard one he was the 6th stundent among of more than 100 pupils.
The following is the result of examination of primary school:

ClassYearFirst termSecond term
Standard one19916th Pupils4th Pupils
Standard two19923rd Pupils2nd Pupils
Standard three19931st Pupils1st Pupils
Standard Four19941st Pupils1st Pupils
Standard Five19951st Pupils1st Pupils
Standard Six19961st Pupils1st Pupils
Standard Seven19971st Pupils1st Pupils